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Leaves Project was born in 2019 from Cober’s desire to deepen the path of environmental respect. Leaves Project aims to replace molded plastic components now made with virgin plastic, with our own developed formula of second life plastic. For this reason, Cober’s plastic molding department has focused its attention on researching ways to reuse production waste. In order to try to reuse waste at its best, it has studied a way to re-insert part of our production waste into the production cycle, giving rise to an internal circular economy that has led to finding an innovative formula derived from its own waste. The components thus made have been designed to have the same resistance characteristics to different climatic conditions and to impacts as the materials previously used.

The waste material that cannot be reinserted into the Cober production cycle is reintroduced into other companies’ production cycle.


The process that leads to the creation of second life plastic products involves several stages: from the recovery of the plastic material from production waste, to the selection for transformation into granules, to the design, and finally to the molding of the second life plastic product.

In January 2020, the first product with a second life plastic molded grip was born. From this first product, a selection of poles has been included in the next collection on which a second life plastic grip is used.

The aim of the project is to replace the largest possible number of plastic components of our products with components made of second-life plastic.


By choosing these poles you are choosing a more sustainable future.

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